Services and Offerings

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your network infrastructure, combat emergent cyber threats, or take workplace communication and collaboration to the next level, Crossconnect is the partner you can trust. Every day, we’re implementing custom solutions that harness the latest systems and products from Cisco and other industry resources—bringing our clients the peace of mind of a reliable and scalable IT foundation, freeing them up to focus on their business.


Call Manager

Collaboration is Crossconnect’s oldest and most mature services offering. We’ve designed and supported installations as small as 30 users and as large as 10,000+ users. We support and sell a wide variety of products to fit the diverse needs of our clients, offering the full range of Cisco Collaboration technology as well as a wide variety of 3rd-party ecosystems partners.

According to IHS, Cisco dominates the on-premises phone system market, with well over double the sales of the nearest competitor. As such, our clients can be confident that they’re receiving an industry standard platform that ensures:

  • The highest possible interoperability with other vendor’s products
  • Future-proofing of their platform
  • A robust 3rd-party ecosystem
  • Best in class scalability, stability and redundancy

Contact Center Express

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (“UCCX”) is the call center software for the Cisco collaboration platform. It delivers skill-based call routing for mid-market businesses, serving anywhere between a few agents up to 400 agents. What can it do for your business?

  • Automatically distribute calls with conditional call routing, call-in-queue, and expected-wait-time messages
  • Multichannel functionality to interact with customers in your desired manner, such as voice, email, web chat, and social media.
  • Enhance your call center with features such as workforce management, advanced quality management, and database integration

Crossconnect has multiple engineers well-versed in designing and building UCCX environments, and can provide 24/7 managed services for your mission critical contact center.


Cisco Expressway provides a type of proxy between your network edge and the general internet. Common use cases include:

  • Allowing the Cisco Jabber softphone to work off-network, without a VPN
  • Allowing Hybrid Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) integrations to Call Manager
  • Allowing video endpoint traversal services, to allow diverse networks to speak H.264 compliant video streams

Crossconnect has performed dozens of Expressway installations in complex environments, and we’d love to show you how it can streamline your business communications.

API Coding / SDx

Crossconnect engineers have written many commercial-grade applications and integrations into the Call Manager ecosystem APIs. Most notably, many of our recent efforts have been to expose what is traditionally a “superuser” function to admin staff, without actually having to grant superuser access to that person. In addition, our applications take a series of common tasks and assemble them to eliminate misconfiguration errors. Through this, we’re moving the needle in improving our clients’ system security.

From middle-ware or “shim” software applications to log parsers to pull out Call Manager CDR metrics, we’ve got it covered. What can we build for your business?

Quality Management & Recording

Cisco’s rebranded Calabrio offering—referred to as Cisco Quality Management (QM)—is a pairing with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX, typically integrated as a call recording tool for UCCX agents. However, its full potential extends to supervisor management of agents, and, with the Workforce Management (WFM) suite, call center agent schedule management. Crossconnect can help your business unlock that potential.

We’re also experts in Imagicle’s product line, offering advanced capabilities in call queuing, reporting and faxing. Not sure which way to go? We’ll help you find the best fit for your business.

Video Conferencing

Telepresence/Room Kits
Business is more interconnected than ever before, and Crossconnect can help ensure your company remains on the cutting-edge of video conferencing technology. Through Cisco’s Webex Room systems and TelePresence hardware, we can help transform your conference room into a high-tech hub with wireless presentation, digital whiteboarding, and highquality audio and video. Learn more here.

SIP Consulting

Nobody knows SIP like Crossconnect. Stemming from experience in writing 3rd-party software integrations, we’ve since transitioned into consulting SIP integrations into the Cisco platform.

Core competencies include:

  • Planning large SIP deployments (by large, we mean including a 10,000+ phone deployment with UCCE integration for a Fortune 500 company…so yeah, large!)
  • Deploying SIP deployments across multi-PBX environments
  • Integrating Cisco SIP components with non-Cisco SIP components
  • Complex Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) integrations
  • Custom applications for calculation of toll fees
  • Custom applications for estimating concurrent call counts; both by voice gateway and CUCM CDR parsing

Paging / Emergency Systems

Singlewire Informacast provides phone-to-phone group live audio paging to both Cisco IP phones as well as overhead paging systems. Crossconnect has extensive experience with performing both to-the-phone and overhead paging with Singlewire in complex, mission-critical environments such as health care.

We’re also an early adopter of Informacast Fusion, a new product combining the power of mobile and on-premises devices to reach everyone in your organization, every time. We can assist with both mass notification and safety system integration.


Worry-free online meetings? You got it! With nearly 30% of web conferencing market share, Cisco Webex is the leading enterprise solution for a reason—offering industry standard video conferencing, online meetings, screen share and webinars. Want smarter, more interactive collaboration for meetings of all shapes and sizes? Crossconnect can get you equipped with the latest in Webex Room devices. We’d also be happy to introduce you to Webex Share, a palm-sized device that plugs into any TV or monitor to instantly turn it into a wireless presentation screen through the Cisco Webex app.

93% of Fortune 100 companies rely on Cisco Webex products for collaboration, and its easy to see why. Let’s chat and find out how Webex can help your company bring people and ideas together.


Crossconnect is proud to represent Inova for custom Call Center wallboard application development. We’ll help your Call Center managers harness the power of data through delivery of customized real-time KPIs along with multimedia content and corporate information. From LCD and Plasma displays to custom output on mobile devices such as Apple, Microsoft or Android tablets and smartphones, Inova has you covered.

We also produce an in-house wallboard based on standard UCCX reporting tools, that can be quickly deployed and at a reasonable cost. We’re here to help you find the right solution for your unique needs.



Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is an integrated computer farm consisting of blade and rack servers and Fabric Interconnects (FIs) connecting ethernet and Fibre Channel. Networking is integrated between multiple chassis, resulting in a more sophisticated and scalable management system. This represents a converged infrastructure, with storage accomplished on a Storage Area Network (SAN). Crossconnect sells and supports NetApp SANs.

We also maintain a CCIE Datacenter on staff to ensure our ability to serve the widest possible range of clients.


Where traditional UCS might be seen as a converged infrastructure, hyperconverged removes the need for a SAN, instead focusing on striping disk across multiple servers. In this fashion, all disk is available to all servers—in the same way a SAN would have presented it—but without the need to purchase or maintain a SAN. For folks using a traditional converged system, Hyperconverged presents a more resilient and typically less expensive alternative.

Ready to upgrade?
Crossconnect sells and supports Hyperconverged offerings from both Cisco (Hyperflex) and VMWare (VSAN).

For clients already bought-in to Cisco’s UCS platform, and those deploying at a single site, HyperFlex is the optimal choice. It requires a minimum of three nodes and offers a compelling loud-connector model through software integration.

For clients that desire a Hyperconverged solution utilizing non-Cisco hardware, or have a more distributed model, VSAN is the right platform. Crossconnect is a VMWare Enterprise Solution Provider, and can assist with all your VMWare datacenter requirements. We maintain two VCPs on-staff to extend maximum expertise to our clients.

Software Defined Networking

Fabric/SDN – Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
ACI is Cisco’s Data Center SDN solution, and the likely future replacement of the current data center infrastructure install base worldwide. ACI empowers admins to fine-tune automation in datacenters small and large. ACI simplifies datacenter networking by removing the complexity of manually setting up a network environment.

Traditionally, different Nexus switches installed in the same environment had to be configured one-by-one. Since ACI treats all configured devices as a single entity, admins can configure them all at the same time through the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC). This saves time and money.

ACI delivers functionality through an application-oriented platform. Rather than being bound to VLANs, subnets, routing, and trunks, ACI uses a spine-leaf topology that is both simple and scalable. Crossconnect was an early adopter of ACI, earning the ATP specialization to provide ACI before it was available to the general partner base. We know ACI, and would love to talk with you about how it could transform your business.

VMWare is already the established leader in computer and storage virtualization. With NSX, VMWare has abstracted the network allowing your data center services and applications to run on any computer, any storage, and any network. The software-defined data center uses NSX to reduce multi-tier networking and security service provisioning from weeks to seconds by implementing automated security policies that are tied to virtual machines, making it possible to create entire secure networks using virtualization in software. It transcends perimeter security with automated, fine-grained policies that isolate networks for inherently better security, while increasing operational agility with a network and security solution that automatically deploys and dynamically adapts to changing conditions.

Business continuity is directly tied to application continuity. Disaster recovery no longer involves extraneous efforts for address and routing changes. With NSX, virtual networks can be created, deleted, archived and restored on demand.

Crossconnect can help your business leverage the power of NSX and realize benefits such as:

  • Service delivery speed
  • Infrastructure flexibility
  • Capacity elasticity
  • OpEx and CapEx savings
  • Results measurements and optimization


Campus Fabric / DNA

Cisco’s forward-thinking vision of the network is based around the Digital Network Architecture (DNA). Historically, Cisco has not been well-known for centralized management tools, or with management GUIs—with DNA, Cisco has flipped the script on that notion and has the industry rethinking enterprise networking as a whole.

One of the most interesting components of DNA is SD Access. Using ISE, DNA determines the user’s identity. Then, using overlay transports, the layer 3 and layer 2 links can follow the user. In this fashion, the user could maintain the same IP address cross-campus, whereas an IP Address change would’ve previously been required. This means a consistent user experience can be preserved cross-campus. If that sounds like something that might benefit your organization, let us know—Crossconnect is an early adopter and can advise on deployment that fits your needs.

Learn more about this exciting, evolving technology here.

Enterprise Networking

Cisco is synonymous with enterprise networking. Cisco’s latest switch offering, which is the largest product launch in Cisco’s history, is the Catalyst 9000 series. It is designed for Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture, and features innovation for SD Access and Encrypted Threat Analytics, as well as network programmability.

Crossconnect maintains three CCIE route/switch engineers on staff to ensure we have the necessary expertise on-hand for our clients.


Crossconnect offers sales and support of both Cisco and Meraki Wireless, as well as conducting nationwide active site surveys. Our experience includes outdoor high-density site surveys and designs for challenging mixed guest/corporate access.


Next Generation Firewalling

Crossconnect sells and supports the industry’s two leading next-generation firewalls, Cisco (Firepower & ASA) and Palo Alto. Of note, these are the only manufacturers that overlap in our product line—we’re fluent in both in order to fit the diverse needs of our clients. We’ll help you determine which option is the right fit for your organization.

Cisco sets the bar when it comes to complete end-to-end threat solutions. All Cisco security solutions have integrations to share data—and when integrating with Stealthwatch, ISE, AMP For Endpoints, and other major Cisco security products, the results are unparalleled. Learn more about Cisco firewalls here.

One of Cisco’s most important features is protecting against the full Attack Continuum when integrating products.

Palo Alto
Palo Alto offers one of the most powerful firewalls on the market. Crossconnect has multiple Palo Alto engineers on staff, including a PCNSE, Palo Alto’s top-end technical certification.

Advanced Malware Protection

As part of Cisco’s next-generation firewall feature set, Crossconnect also recommends running Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). In short, the best way to think of AMP’s functionality is like an advanced virus scanner. AMP is available as both AMP for Networks (AMP4N) and AMP for Endpoints (AMP4E). When deployed as AMP4N, the Firewall itself detects and blocks malicious content. When deployed as AMP4E, the endpoint communicates with the AMP cloud and protects against malicious content. When deployed together, a full network and endpoint trajectory can be calculated, allowing the AMP4N console to orchestrate post-attack remediation via AMP4E—all keeping your business humming along smoothly.


Identity Services Engine
Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a foundational Cisco security technology. At it’s core, ISE changes the dynamic of networking from trusting based on IP or VLAN to trusting based on who a user is and what type of device they have, offering next-generation secure network access. Consider the following everyday issues:

  1. Instead of trusting by which wired port a user plugged into, can we instead trust by someone’s identity?
  2. Can that trust travel with them throughout their network interactions, similar to a security badging system in a building?
  3. We need to validate that a device is a company asset and not a user’s personal device, which may carry malware or be more susceptible to attack.
  4. If a device is a company asset, how do we ensure it’s running up-to-date security software?
  5. On a wireless network, how can we decrease our SSID count (which increases wireless performance) and eliminate PSKs?
  6. On a wireless network, how can we manage guest access by time-of-day, or allowing a receptionist to grant access?
  7. On a VPN, how can we ensure the same level of control we might see on a wired or wireless network?

ISE is the answer to these questions and more, and is foundational to Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), Cisco’s new network management infrastructure. We generally find ISE to be a core component for virtually all Cisco users.

Click the image below to learn more about what ISE can do for your business.

Cisco Stealthwatch is a “network as a sensor” tool that uses netflow data to pick up potential malware patterns and allows the entire network to act as a large Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Stealthwatch users are equipped to outsmart emerging threats with industry-leading machine learning and behavioral modeling, all with a solution that grows with their business.

A more recent development in Stealthwatch is Encrypted Threat Analytics (ETA). Prior to ETA, the intelligence provided from Stealthwatch was limited if traffic was encrypted. ETA is available only on the Catalyst 9000 series switches, and using the higher processor speeds in the Catalyst 9000, it assembles pattern data on encrypted traffic, and exports that to Stealthwatch. This creates a digital fingerprint that can be used to identify malicious traffic without decrypting it.