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Microsoft Azure

Crossconnect believes a successful cloud deployment should integrate into the rest of your infrastructure seamlessly. Crossconnect’s engineers share an “on-premises” skillset and cloud skillset, allowing for the cloud to be managed like another node on the traditional network. Whether using Cisco, Palo Alto, or Meraki for on-premises security and WAN, these tools should be managed in a uniform manner, whether the server workloads are on-premise or in-the-cloud. By using the same WAN and security virtual appliances in an Azure instance, the same strategy and policies can be carried to the cloud. Crossconnect experience in both on-premises and cloud allows for a best-of-breed Azure deployment experience.

Azure Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Services and Cloud Platform-as-a-Services :

  1. High Availability
    • When building your own infrastructure, it’s almost always necessary to build two to ensure availability. Azure can provide this as a simple add-on feature.
  2. Scalability
    • Ramp up resources on short notice, in short bursts – without owning the hardware year-around. Ramp back down when the resources aren’t needed.
  3. Predictable cost with no refresh cycle
    • Owning your own infrastructure requires a significant upfront investment and then significant periodic replacement. Outsourcing to Azure eliminates large CAPEX expenses and replaces with an easy-to-adopt monthly fee.
  4. Geographical Reach
    • Often, not all users are near the primary datacenter – the extra CAPEX could be spent to build one in their region, but Azure already has a worldwide presence and can spin up resources in their area.
  5. Azure Active Directory
    • Sync your existing Active Directory to the Azure cloud – enabling hybrid services and 3rd-party integrations while moving to cloud infrastructure.


  1. Microsoft 365
    • Crossconnect can assist in your move to Microsoft 365, most importantly, moving your Exchange installation to the cloud.