Our Approach

Through Crossconnect’s unique combination of tailored service offerings, best-in-class technical aptitude and personalized client support, we’re redefining what it means to be an IT partner. Whether it’s seamlessly interfacing with our clients’ in-house teams to tackle urgent issues, or providing accessible, on-demand expertise through comprehensive managed services, our team evaluates each client’s individual needs and implements scalable, custom solutions that deliver results and maximize time and budget. Our clients—especially their in-house IT staff—rest easy knowing we have their back, enabling them to focus on doing what they do best.

When it comes to your business, there’s no room for trial and error. Connect with us today and get it handled right, the first time.

Project/Professional Services

Crossconnect’s rigorous screening process ensures that our clients are getting the best and the brightest. In addition to their own certifications, our CCIE services delivery team is given an internally-created, proprietary version of the CCIE certification lab—approximately only 1 in 10 candidates passes this lab. As a result, our engineers represent the top echelon of industry expertise, hand-picked for their ability to think outside the box, perform under pressure, and adapt to new environments on the fly.

We’re not here to waste time and resources with inefficient “one size fits all” solutions. Our engineers are equipped to dive in and start driving immediate results for your company—no matter the framework, no matter the problem. That’s the Crossconnect difference.

Crossconnect is best utilized as a design, escalation, or mentoring service. For the typical client, we provide one of the following services:

  • Complex, Initial Design
  • Tier 2 – Tier 4 Support, as either professional or managed service
  • Training clients on how to support their existing design

We plug in to your in-house staff, acting as an extension of your IT capabilities and expertise. Our typical support relationship will see your in-house IT fielding end-user questions, Tier 1 and partial Tier 2 support, and escalating tickets to our senior team from there. Our engineers will find the best fit based on your unique needs and empower your own staff with enhanced knowledge and experience through our problem-solving process. And what’s more, our innovative, flexible methodology allows us to provide the same efficient, tailored service to clients across the United States. Let’s evolve beyond the typical project limitations and find out what we can do to move your company forward.

Hypothetical Support Model between Client and Crossconnect

Managed Services

Every day, Crossconnect’s managed services platform is raising the bar on delivering scalable, top-flight IT support. We don’t trot out the same tired package you see everywhere else. In eschewing Tier 1 support, we act as an escalation team, addressing your most complex challenges with laser focus while giving your IT staff the space to focus on their core competencies. Need more of a custom fit? We provide unparalleled flexibility in interfacing with your staff, augmenting their abilities to tackle the workload in the way that best fits your organization’s needs. Simply put, we’re not here to replace your IT staff—through partnership and knowledge transfer, we equip and empower them to take on the next challenge.


IT problems don’t keep regular business hours. That’s why Crossconnect’s Gold managed services package ensures 24/7 access to our engineering team.

Features include:

  • Peace of mind through accessible, reliable, on-shore operational support
  • Prebuilt number of monthly hours, customizable to your typical hourly professional services run-rate
  • Support for all technologies in our portfolio including Cisco, Palo Alto, VMWare and Citrix Netscaler


Crossconnect’s Platinum managed services package is our most popular offering for a reason—you quite simply won’t find more agile, responsive IT support. Going Platinum guarantees a 1 hour response window, 24/7. When downtime isn’t an option, we helps keep your business humming around the clock.

Features include:

  • Flat-rate fees that keep costs easy to manage
  • Custom topological and operational diagrams of your network created by our engineers, establishing a consistent, cohesive reference framework for both our team and yours

Click below for samples of the robust, custom documentation Crossconnect creates for Platinum clients:

  • 24/7 environmental monitoring through LogicMonitor
  • Proactive problem solving through data analysis

Your business is too important to wait. We’re standing by to do a deep dive on your unique requirements—connect with us today and find out how we can elevate your IT experience.